Ancient Yoga Temple For the People

ॐ Namaste! ॐ

I have a dream of building a space for community gatherings and growth, where everyone is welcome to come share in the bountiful beauty of Life. Founded with the mission to further integration, cohesion, and awakening, I will dedicate this space to the Sacred Core of Light in every being. Main functions: meeting ground for people, music, and meditaiton. This will be a space where necessary cultural, emotional, physical, and psychic healings will occur. Picture a large, feng shui space with ample seating, filled with the happy faces of our friends and loved ones, beautiful art decorating the rooms, local and wholesome refreshments, a stage for the arts and live music, a yoga and meditation room, a library, live plants all around, an aromatherapy fountain, the fresh air off the Monterery Bay, and the electromagnetic charge of an ancient yoga temple built entirely by moonlight!

By donating to this cause, you will be investing in our collective consciousness! You can donate online or by mailing your cash or check contribution to PO Box 8353, Santa Cruz, CA 95061.
We are all One. We must unite Space-Ship Earth. Join me and share in the infinite rewards!The property is located at 519 Fair Ave, in Santa Cruz, California. I am not yet clear on what exactly to name this site (the current owner calls it “Red Castle”) but am open to suggestions. To see more pictures of the site I am currently aiming to manifest money for, you can visit the current owner’s website. Taken from this site’s about-me section, “This is the legendary “Red Castle,” one of Santa Cruz’s historical and unparalleled privately owned real estate landmarks. It is available for sale. Looking at construction alone, its red brick, reinforced concrete, and inlays of Mother-of-Pearl, distinguishes this property as a monument to masterful building craftsmanship. The design – like no other – makes the Red Castle an architectural wonder. The decorative use of Mother-of-Pearl and brick make it a truly unique work of art…just an easy walk to the shores of Monterey Bay. This property, which is situated on four contiguous lots, features a grand arched entry, landscaping with towering palm trees, olive trees and a flag pole like no other. Inside, there is a central living area with large fireplace, open kitchen, two bedrooms and one bathroom. The open porch expands the entire width of the building with a detached storage building just steps away.” The buildings need electrical, mechanical and plumbing renovations.

It is listed at $2,195,000. If you do the math, $440,000 is 20% of the total asking price of the property, which would cover a downpayment.

I have confidence that the time is right for the people to build a space like this for ourselves, and though I am the one to lead the charge, the duty, obligation, and rewards belong to everyone.
If you already know and/or trust me, and want to be a part of this cause, you can mail your cash or check to PO Box 8353, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, and we won’t lose 5% to . Thank you!
And please, spread this link ( ) as far and wide as you can!
Om Shanti Om!

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